Tesha Miller Sentenced to 38 Years And 9 Months For Killing Of Douglas Chambers

After a delayed sentencing in the Home Circuit Court yesterday, Tesha Miller leader of the Spanish-Town based Clansman gang  was sentenced to 38 years and nine months in Prison.

Miller was charged for the 2008 murder of former chairman of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company Douglas Chambers.

On the charge of accessory before the fact to murder Miller was sentenced to 38 years and nine months while he was sentenced to 18 months on the charge of accessory after the fact to murder.

Both sentences will run concurrently, meaning that he will serve a total of 38 years and nine months.

Miller was on December 3, 2019, found him guilty by a seven-member jury in the Home Circuit Court.

During the trial, the Crown’s witness, a self-proclaimed former member of the Spanish Town-based Clansman Gang, said that Miller told him that Chambers’ murder was a contract killing.

He also identified Miller as the leader of the gang and outlined the hierarchy of the criminal organisation.

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