Social Media Policy For DPP’s Office

The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Paula Llewelyn has signaled that a social media policy will be drafted for the employees at the DPP’s office.

In a memo to the staff the DPP said recent events have caused her to reflect on the need for the ODPP, as part of its governance structure to give guidance to staff members pertaining to a proposed social media policy.

DPP Llewelyn said ‘several years ago when faced with the choice, she took the conscious decision not to engage in that space given the high public office she holds’.

The DPP reminded the public servants at the ODPP to exercise discretion in their utterances on the platform to preserve their dignity and the dignity of the high office.

Its believed that the Memo resulted from a social media post of a Deputy DPP following a robbery at his home.


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