Racers Track Club Added To World Athletics Events

President of Racers Track Club, Glenn Mills, has officially announced that World Athletics has added the Racers Grand Prix to their Continental Tour Gold series for the next 10 years.

The Continental Gold Series is the highest in the competition series and one level below Diamond League.

With its new gold status, the Racers Grand Prix is now the second highest meet within North America, only surpassed by the Prefontaine Classic in the United States.

Mills believes the promotion from an Area Permit Meet was as a result of the exceptional quality and organisation of the Grand Prix.

The Racers Grand Prix, with Usain Bolt as the main drawing card, has attracted a host of stars and thousands of fans to Kingston over the years and has rivalled many World Challenge or Diamond League events on the international track and field calendar.

The Racers Grand Prix is set for the National stadium on June 13.



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