JSIF To Upgrade Bog Walk Health Centre And Police Station

JIS – Residents of surrounding communities in Bog Walk, St. Catherine, are to benefit from the upgrading of their health and security facilities, as well as the rehabilitation of a road, at a cost of $88 million.

Over the next six months, the Bog Walk Health Centre will be expanded, and a dental unit constructed, at a cost of $31.7 million; the Bog Walk Police Station will be rehabilitated, equipped and expanded at a cost of $33.6 million, and the Pineapple Lane road will be rehabilitated at a cost of $22.5 million.

The projects, funded by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), will commence immediately, following a public signing ceremony on August 15, at the Knollis Community Centre, in the area.

Speaking at the ceremony, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Warren Clarke, said the people must see the investment as their own, as the upgraded station will enhance security.

He added that the partnership between JSIF and the JCF has remained harmonious due to the “shared values” that the two entities possess.

The three projects are benefitting from grant funding provided by the JSIF’s Poverty Reduction Programme (PRP), which is funded by the European Union (EU).

Managing Director of JSIF, Omar Sweeney, said support from the EU is geared at improving community infrastructure and ensuring the protection of human rights.

He said that the community members have an obligation to take extra care of the facilities.

The guiding principle of the PRP is to contribute to the implementation of the Government of Jamaica’s Community Renewal Programme (CRP), which addresses the governance, physical transformation, socio-economic development, youth development and empowerment of residents in targeted communities.

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